Over the years, I’ve enjoyed creating things on the internet! Here is a collection of some of the things that I’m working on, things I’m proud of, and things that didn’t take off as planned but have left me with important lessons to learn from!


Next.js Tailwind CSS 👻

Bocchle is a wordle-like daily game to guess the episode of Bocchi the Rock! It features themes based on the characters from the anime as well as a bunch of easter eggs.

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Ontario rhythm games when?

Next.js Tailwind CSS

I made this website to track which Ontario arcades have rhythm games at a glance. It scrapes data from a public repository and sends push notifications for updates as well.

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Next.js Tailwind CSS Supabase

Beatmods (2) is an in progress rewrite of Beatmods a modding repository for the rhythm game Beat Saber. The aim of the project is to fix some longstanding bugs and UX issues with the existing beatmods and also developing long requested features such as CI/CD for releases.

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Beat Saber Tournament Overlay

Next.js Tailwind CSS GraphQL

I created a stream overlay for the Beat Saber Canadian Tournaments that showed real-time scores and gameplay. It has transitions between different views as well which were animated with react-spring.